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Once you have nail fungus, it can be really difficult to get rid of it. With the cutting-edge laser treatments available at Visalia Laser and Skin, you can finally end this embarrassing problem once and for all. Our providers targets those pesky invaders with the versatile GentleMax Pro® system. If you’re looking for a friendly doctor in Visalia, California, to make your feet sandal-worthy again, call Visalia Laser and Skin or use the online scheduling system.

Nail fungus Q & A

What is nail fungus?

Yeast, molds, and fungus cause nail infections. The most common type of nail fungi responsible for nail infections is dermatophytes.

Athlete’s foot or other types of fungi that thrive in warm, moist areas can make their way under your nail. When the fungus gets below the nail, you can get a fungal infection.

The fungus causes the nail to thicken and become discolored. Nail fungus is more common in the toenails but can affect your fingernails too.

How can I prevent toenail fungus?

Since fungus thrives in warm, moist environments, you can protect your feet by wearing shoes around swimming pools or locker rooms. Sweating heavily also increases your risk, so wash your feet often and wear breathable socks and shoes.

You should also practice proper hygiene by sanitizing your nail clippers and washing your hands after every exposure. Treat your shoes with a disinfectant and if you regularly visit nail salons, make sure they sterilize their tools after each use.

When should I see a doctor for nail fungus treatment?

Typical over-the-counter treatment requires daily diligent effort to ensure the fungus doesn’t return. If you have a severe case of fungus, the treatment may take 12-18 months, or as long as it takes for your toenail to grow out.

Since your toenail takes so long to grow and it’s difficult to keep the fungus at bay, many over-the-counter treatments fail. As soon as you notice toenail fungus, make an appointment to see a provider for treatment because early treatment provides the best outcome.

You should also contact Visalia Laser and Skin if any of the following apply:

  • You have diabetes or a weakened immune system
  • Your toenail fungus causes pain
  • The fungus is accompanied by an ingrown toenail
  • Your toe shows signs of an infection

How do you treat nail fungus?

Our providers successfully gets rid of nail fungus with GentleMax Pro® laser treatments. The powerful laser energy kills the pathogens hiding underneath the nail. After three sessions of the advanced treatment spaced four to six weeks apart, you should have a new, clear nail.

To get rid of your toenail fungus once and for all, contact Visalia Laser and Skin online or over the phone to access their convenient schedule.